Burn Koran Day Merely Result Of Spellcheck Snafu? [satire]
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Burn Koran Day Merely Result Of Spellcheck Snafu?
written by: jmasiulewicz
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Pastor Jones’ original memo regarding “Burn Korn Day”, written on the back of his car-payment envelope Is a proposed act of religious desecration which has spurred shock and outrage across the globe merely the result of a spellchecking snafu? If a small-town pastor and his 85-year-old typist are to be believed, then the answer is a definite yes.

Terry Jones, pastor of the tiny Dove World Outreach in Gainesville, FL, found himself suddenly thrust into a socio-religious firestorm when it was reported that his church would be commemorating September 11th by burning Islam’s sacred text, The Koran. Pastor Jones had no idea of the global furor that had the world focused on his congregation until the morning that he flipped on the TV and saw his face plastered across every news station in the country.

He hastily called a news conference at the church to address what had been dubbed “Burn Koran Day”, where it was revealed that the church’s plans for 9/11 had actually been something called “Burn Korn Day”.

“This event is intended to be a public demonstration against the rock band Korn and not against the Islamic religion,” explained Jones at the conference.


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Apparently, the sinister minister was kicked out of his last church (which he’d founded) for stealing from the till. Of course the real culprit are all those middle eastern evil muslims!


Church; where sheep congregate to worship a zombie on a stick that turns into a cracker on Sundays…