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Jen Roth - Atheist Against Abortion
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adamrsweet - 04 October 2011 05:56 AM

Education is the key

How on earth are you going to educate against promiscuity?

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I do not believe that a fetus is a person.  I do not believe that an acorn is an oak tree.  To suggest otherwise is the grossest example of biological reductionism.,

In my view the problem is the gray area.  No one would suggest that killing a baby after it has been born is anything but murder and no-one is really claiming ‘every sperm is sacred’.  It is easy to distinguish between a sperm and a new born, easy to say one should be protected and one should not.  But where the line is to be drawn is far more difficult.  It is possible to look at an week or month old embryo and not see it as a person but a late term fetus is becoming indistinguishable from a regular baby.  A late term fetus is almost as independently viable as a regular new-born, and their viability is increasing with improved technology.  When does abortion become murder?

For such reasons I have no problem with early abortion, a considerable problem with late abortion.  But I would hate to have to draw the line.  Obviously the end-points (a sperm or egg on one end, a new born baby at the other) are not problematic.  But in the middle?  That is where my dilemma lies.

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