UFO Conference at National Press Club
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UFO Conference at National Press Club: UFO Twilight Zone Response from the MSM

September 29, 2010

National Security Threat? Only if the Salahi’s sneaked on board a UFO and posted photos on Facebook.

In case you missed it there was an live episode of the Twilight Zone at the National Press Club on Monday. An episode where retired Air Force personal held a press conference about UFO incidents they claimed they’d personally witnessed while serving in the military. Another claim, the former military personnel were ordered by the government to keep silent about the UFO incidents. Incidents which the retired military servicemen claim involved the UFO’s ability to neutralize U.S. and Russian nuclear missiles. The plot of the Twilight Zone episode, retired Air Force personal muster up the courage to call a press conference in Washington, D.C., to reveal their personal experiences with UFO’s while serving in the military and the government coverups of the incidents. The press conference covered by the press with a startling lack of curiosity or desire to follow up on the retired Air Force servicemen’s claims. . . .