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Hello random denizens of the intarwebs. I never know what the heck to write in this “intro” posts…but here it goes anyway.

I’m Brad. I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, and I’ve recently started getting involved CFI Ottawa (that happens to be just in the process of formalizing itself quite recently). I have been an avid skeptic/rationalist/(insert typical adjective here) for quite a while, but frankly I’m practically a shut-in, so I’ve tended to stick to the online world of dunking claims in forums, youtube, etc, and not so much in the “real world”. Until recently anyway.

The last few months I’ve been stretching out more into the local skeptic/science groups, and stumbled upon a few in the Ottawa area that seem promising, including CFI. I tend to be a bit OCD, so I’ve already pretty much thrown myself out into that world head first, helping on some the social media aspects of CFI Ottawa (helping with their twitter account mostly for now…), and taking part in Skepticamp Ottawa (my talk is up on youtube if you like…or maybe even more if you DON’T like, string theory).

Not sure how often I’ll pop onto the forum here, but I figured I may as well at least give it a go and see what happens.

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Welcome to the CFI Forum, Brad, glad to have you here. We’ve got a number of folks from Canada around, so you should feel right at home. :-)



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Hi Brad.  Nice to have you here.  Jump right in and join us.  :)


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