New Resources Online!  Bring the Campaign for Free Expression to Your Campus

August 25, 2009


The Campaign for Free Expression is a CFI initiative to focus efforts and attention on one of the crucial components of freethought, the right of individuals to express their viewpoints, opinions, and beliefs.

The Center for Inquiry's affiliated students and campus groups are invited to bring the Campaign for Free Expression to their campus.  This can include holding events on or around Blasphemy Day, during Banned Books Week, or at any time throughout the duration of the Campaign.

New resources are available online to help your campus group get involved with the Campaign!  If you are interested in volunteering as an individual, you can join the new CFI campus Activism Committee and help defend the right to free expression on a national or international level.  E-mail to get involved.

For more information about the Campaign for Free Expression, including about the cartoon and student essay contests, go to the Campaign for Free Expression main page.