Announcing CFI Student Leadership Conference 2009

May 5, 2009

The Center for Inquiry is pleased to announce our 2009 Student Leadership Conference, to be held June 25-28 at CFI Transnational in Amherst, NY.

The conference marks the 13th anniversary of our campus outreach program and will coincide with the annual CFI Community Leaders training weekend.  The event brings together student and community activists from across North America for a weekend packed with workshops, networking, lectures, and top-notch entertainment featuring some of the leading minds in the movement.  If you're a student group leader, or if you're starting a freethought group on your campus, this conference is not to be missed!

Paul Kurtz with attendees of the 2008 CFI Leadership Conference

We are keeping the costs down to help affiliated campus groups send representatives even if they lack the resources to do so.  CFI will subsidize room and board costs for up to two students from each affiliated campus group so that the entire cost of registration, room, and meals for the four-day event will be only $50 per person.  Additional group members from that campus need only cover the cost of room and board for the event; see registration form for details.  A limited number of travel grants are also available to help bring students to the conference; please apply by May 26th if you are interested in being considered for a travel grant.  Additionally, many colleges and universities provide funds to help student group members attend training and leadership conferences, so make sure to check to find out what's available at your school.

So, what are you waiting for?  Space is limited, so register today!  Email Debbie Goddard at if you have any questions.

If you would like to help us provide travel grants to the many student group leaders who are eager to come but who cannot afford the full cost of travel, please go to