CFI On Campus Posters and Flyers

Getting the message out to members of your campus community is an essential part of running a campus group. Here are a few sample flyers you can use to help get the message out. 

Starting Your Group

These first few flyers were created for new leaders. You can download and print the PDFs by clicking on the thumbnails below and write in your own contact information. (We recommend including a group website, group email, and Facebook group or page link.)

You can also download a Word document of all the flyers, edit them to add your group's contact info. 


General Activism Posters

Decide which free posters below speak your words. Download them, print them out on your printer, photocopy them, and stick them up publicly around campus.

Here's the idea: When a freethinker on your campus sees a freethought message, it is a sign that he or she is not alone as a freethinker. It's almost like you're liberating a territory for all freethinkers when you put a poster up in public and it stays there.

Step 1: Download .pdf file(s)
Step 2: Print them out (on laser printer)
Step 3: Make copies
Step 4: Stick them up publicly around campus

To download: Right click and "Save Target As..."

Have any good ideas for other activism posters? Share them with us! .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)