2011 Student Leadership Conference - Recap

2011 CFI Leadership Conference in Review

Last year, CFI brought in over 100 student and community leaders representing more than 50 different colleges and high schools across North America. Photos from the event can be viewed on Flickr. Below is a selection of reflections from student attendees and videos from several conference presentations.

CFI SLC 2011 group shot
Student Leader Blogs
  • When James Croft wasn't speaking last year, he was live-blogging the event.
  • Carly Casper, president of the Secular Alliance of Indiana University, recounts her experience at last year's CFI Leadership Conference.
  • UNIFI's vice-president and current CFI intern Stef McGraw also reflected on her experience last year.
  • Rose St. Clair from the College of William and Mary took at least five important things from last year's conference.

  • Campus Group Awards

    Every year CFI recognizes several outstanding groups for their hard work and dedication. The following are student blog posts about those events and awards.

  • KU SOMA wins best on-campus event for Reasonfest 2011, by the University of Kansas Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics vice-president Conrad Hudson.
  • UNIFI wins best on-line presence, by University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers president Cory Derringer.
  • ISSA wins CFI's "Good Without God" for 2011, by Illini Secular Student Alliance president Franklin Kramer.

  • Conference Presentations

    In addition to workshops and other hands-on sessions, the Leadership Conference features informative presentations by student leaders, organizers, activists, and educators.

    High School Activism Panel with Jessica Ahlquist, Harrison Hopkins, Damon Fowler, and Zack Kopplin

    Dan Kahan: Cultural Dissensus Over Scientific Consensus

    James Croft: Good (Without God)

    Rebecca Watson: The Religious Right vs. Every Woman on Earth

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