The Office of Public Policy (OPP) is the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy arm of the Center for Inquiry. Our mandate is to advocate at all levels of government — including Congress, the Administration, and the United Nations — for policies based on reason, science, and humanist values.

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One Last Chance to Protect the Johnson Amendment

Jason Lemieux — December 14, 2017

This is our last opportunity to keep a repeal of the johnson Amendment out of tax reform legislation.

Don’t Let the Senate Repeal the Johnson Amendment!

Jason Lemieux — November 30, 2017

CFI just learned that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may sneak a repeal of the Johnson Amendment in the Senate’s tax reform legislation. The vote on passage of this legislation may occur as soon as tonight. Let your Senators know that this last-minute attack on the separation of church and state is unacceptable.

As you know, the Johnson Amendment is a law that bans churches and other nonprofit organizations, such as the Center for Inquiry, from endorsing candidates for office. Nonprofit organizations accept this tradeoff in return for exemption from tax obligations.

If the Johnson Amendment is repealed, houses of religious worship will become tax-subsidized promotional vehicles for the religious right. Even churches that wish to stay out of politics will be placed under enormous pressure to promote the preferred candidates of their donors. We cannot allow the religious right to smash down the wall of separation between church and state by inserting a backdoor provision into major tax reform legislation.

CFI urges you to contact your Senators and tell them to oppose any provision, whether from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or another senator, that would allow churches to endorse electoral candidates from the pulpit. To ensure that your senators hear you before the tax reform vote, we encourage you to call their offices in Washington, D.C. right now. All your need to do is call (202) 224-3121 with your zip code to be connected to your elected officials. If you are unable to call, please use our action alert system to send your senators a written message. 

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Don’t Let the Religious Right Buy Candidates: Tell Congress to Protect the Johnson Amendment

Michael De Dora — June 06, 2017

President Trump and members of Congress want to grant tax-exempt organizations, including houses of worship, the ability to engage in partisan political activity — and we need your help to stop them.