The Office of Public Policy (OPP) is the Washington, D.C. political arm of the Center for Inquiry. Our mandate is to advocate at all levels of government — including Congress, the Administration, and the United Nations — for policies based on reason, science, and humanist values.

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Recent Blog Entries

California: Tell Your Senator to End Personal Belief Exemptions From Vaccination Requirements

Michael De Dora — April 22, 2015

With your help, Senate Bill 277 — a bill that would end vaccination exemptions for children based on their parents’ beliefs — has passed the Senate Health Committee by a resounding 7-2 vote. But now, in the face of anti-vaccine activists and sympathetic senators, it has been delayed in the Senate Education Committee. It will finally be voted on tomorrow, April 22! The Center for Inquiry urges you to take action.  

Center for Inquiry Testifies at FDA Hearing on Regulation of Homeopathy

Michael De Dora — April 20, 2015

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) was invited and today delivered oral testimony at the Food and Drug Administration's first review of its policies regarding the regulation of homeopathic products in more than 25 years.

Center for Inquiry Invited to Testify Against Homeopathy at FDA Public Hearings

Michael De Dora — April 16, 2015

After three-and-a-half years of pressure from the Center for Inquiry for the Food and Drug Administration to address the inadequate regulation of homeopathic products, the medicinal claims of which have no scientific basis whatsoever, the FDA has finally announced public hearings on its handling of homeopathy — and CFI has been invited to provide testimony at the hearing.