The Office of Public Policy (OPP) is the Washington, D.C. political arm of the Center for Inquiry. Our mandate is to advocate for public policy based on reason, science, and secular values.

This includes lobbying at all levels of government — Congress, the Administration, and the United Nations — to promote and defend separation of church and state, the role of scientific evidence and secular ethics in policymaking, and basic civil and human rights. 

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Recent Blog Entries

Don’t Let Religious Discrimination Keep Children From a Loving Family — Contact Congress Now!

Michael De Dora — September 09, 2014

Tell your U.S. Senators and Representatives to support a bill that would prohibit discrimination against potential adoptive and foster parents because of their marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

Center for Inquiry to Kentucky Officials: Biblical Theme Park Should Not Receive Tax Incentives

Michael De Dora — September 03, 2014

CFI urges Gov. Steve Beshear and the state tourism authority to deny final approval of $18 million in tax incentives to Ark Encounter, which requires employees to follow its literalist interpretation of Christianity.

Tell Congress: Don’t Let Religion Keep Kids from Loving Homes

Michael De Dora — August 21, 2014

Tell your U.S. Senators and Representatives to oppose a bill that would allow religious adoption and foster agencies to discriminate against families with taxpayer dollars.