CFI’s Position on Health Care Reform

October 14, 2009

There is no doubt that Health Care Reform is one of the most pressing issues of public policy today. The Center for Inquiry has summarized the positions of the organization through the following four points:

(1) Although CFI does not endorse any particular plan for health care reform, CFI recognizes the importance of guaranteeing a decent minimum of health care for all. CFI endorses universal coverage not only on the moral grounds of helping those in need, but also because providing access to preventive care has been shown to lower the social cost of medical treatment.

(2) CFI calls for the protection of reproductive rights and sex education, and denounces attempts to use the health care reform bills to undermine them.

(3) CFI objects to religious conscience exemptions from taxation. This presents a serious violation of church-state separation.

(4) CFI objects to taxpayer funding for non-evidence based treatments, including both non-evidence based complementary and alternative medicine (e.g., therapeutic touch) and so-called spiritual care, an issue that implicates both science and the separation of church-state.

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