More “Debate” Over Global Warming

November 2, 2009

As the Senate Environment Committee took up legislation this week regarding climate change and global warming, Senator Jim Inhofe (R–OK)—the ranking Republican on the committee—continued his belligerent assertions that global warming is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people." A staunch opponent of the idea that man made activity is causing our planet to warm, Inhofe continues to defend his position that many scientists disagree over whether global warming is real or not. CFI has already shown in the Credibility Project that many of the “scientists” that Senator Inhofe cites in his Minority Report have questionable credentials, at best. However, now even the mainstream media is starting to catch on to the fact that the Senator really has no idea what he is talking about.


Last Wednesday, Dana Milbank wrote a searing column in the Washington Post describing how virulent Senator Inhofe’s opposition was at the hearing, even towards members of his own party. As other Republicans on the committee came out in support of the fact that global warming is both real and man-made, Milbank recounts, “Then there was poor Inhofe. ‘The science is more definitive than ever? You keep saying that because you want to believe it so much,’ he said bitterly. He offered to furnish a list of scientists who once believed in climate change but ‘who are solidly on the other side right now.’ The science, he said, ‘already has shifted’ against global-warming theory. ‘Science is not settled! Everyone knows it's not settled!’ Presumably, the “scientists” that Inhofe mentions in his tirade are the same ones that the CFI looked at in the Credibility Project.


CBS News has also picked up on the subject of global warming denial. On October 25 th they published a story from the Associated Press in which a group of statisticians firmly debunked the myth of “global cooling.” The article basically demonstrates that by cherry picking facts and manipulating data, it is possible to show that the Earth is actually cooling over the past 10 years. The problem with that, however, is that in order to have credible data, you cannot choose the facts and statistics that you like and disregard those that you do not. The story reports that, taking in all of the data, both NASA and NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have concluded that there is no evidence that the Earth is getting cooler, and substantial evidence to show that it is getting warmer overall.


Sorry Senator Inhofe, it looks like regardless of how much hot air you blow over this, the science of global warming still stands firmly against you. In fact, all that hot air is merely contributing more to the problem.

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