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Sesame Street Focuses on STEM

Matt Separa — December 22, 2009

Science is coming to 123 Sesame Street.

OPP Attends Briefing on Comparative Effectiveness Research

Matt Separa — December 17, 2009

Comparative Effectiveness Research is key to evidence-based medicine.

Chicago Tribune pens article describing Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Health Reform

Matt Separa — December 14, 2009 — 1 Comment

The article discusses exactly what it would mean, plain and simple.

DC Vouchers: The Point Is, They Don’t Work.

Lori Sommerfelt — December 08, 2009

A recent editorial by Jose E. Serrano (D-NY) suggests that DC vouchers are a local issue that has no business in Congress

Science behind Climate Change is NOT the issue. It’s the Future, Stupid.

Matt Separa — December 01, 2009

If the Earth isn't here in 50 years, what does it matter who was right about the causes of climate change?