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Is U.S. Foreign Policy Suffering from a “God Gap?”

Matt Separa — February 26, 2010

Some believe that “Western Secularism” is threatening our relationship with the world.

Societal Values Lead Women Away from Careers in Science

Matt Separa — February 23, 2010 — 1 Comment

Being ‘geeky’ isn’t trendy for girls, and it’s costing the scientific community.

OPP Attends Conference on Obama Faith-Based Program

Matt Separa — February 19, 2010

Panel discussions included the state of the law, the state of research regarding faith-based initiatives.

Religious Freedom Group Accused of Discrimination

Matt Separa — February 18, 2010

An EEOC complaint filed against the US Commission on International Religious Freedom reveals a potential religious bias.

President’s Faith Based Council Votes on Controversial Issues

Matt Separa — February 12, 2010

Votes narrowly to require 501(c) (3) incorporation, not require churches to remove religious icons.

CFI OPP Introduces SHARE to the White House

Matt Separa — February 09, 2010

In a letter to President Obama, OPP Director Toni Van Pelt discusses SHARE and its mission.

CFI’s Letter to President Obama Regarding the Report by his Faith-Based Advisory Council

Matt Separa — February 05, 2010

Serious deficiencies exist in the council's recommendations for the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Top Defense Officials Support Repeal of DADT

Matt Separa — February 03, 2010

Admiral Mike Mullen and Secretary of Defense Gates testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Center for Inquiry Opposes Focus on the Family Super Bowl Ad.

Matt Separa — February 01, 2010 — 3 Comments

CFI and the OPP send message to CBS Executives