Blog Archives for June, 2010

CFI Urges Senate Judiciary Committee to Question Kagan on Religious Liberty

Derek C. Araujo — June 25, 2010

CFI urged the Committee to determine Kagan's views on taxpayer funding of religious orgs, exemptions from civil rights laws.

Message to Congress: Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on Junk Medical Research

Derek C. Araujo — June 23, 2010

The US government could save $240 million - and improve biomedical research - by eliminating funding for alt med research.

CFI, Council for Secular Humanism Press for Oversight Hearing on Faith Based Initiative

Derek C. Araujo — June 21, 2010

CFI and the Coalition Against Religious Discrimination called for hearings to address federally funded religious discrimination.

Live Blogging of Closing Arguments in CA Same Sex Marriage Case - Wed., June 16

Derek C. Araujo — June 15, 2010

Interested CFI supporters may follow closing arguments via live blogging; video cameras have been barred from the courtroom.

OPP Publishes Position Paper Criticizing Government Funding of Acupuncture

Derek C. Araujo — June 08, 2010 — 2 Comments

CFI argues that government funding of discredited acupuncture therapy lowers standards of care and degrades respect for science.

The Center for Inquiry’s OPP Bids a Sad Farewell to Two of its Staff

Derek C. Araujo — June 03, 2010

The Center for Inquiry wishes Toni Van Pelt and Matthew Separa all the best in their future endeavors.

Urgent Call for Donations

Derek C. Araujo — June 03, 2010

Due to CFI's loss of a major donation, the OPP's physical office will close. Please help ensure that its work will continue.