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Tell Congress to Reject Unjust Bans on Abortion Coverage

Derek C. Araujo — January 28, 2011

A new anti-choice House bill seeks to eliminate insurance coverage for abortions.

Rep. Boehner, Sen. Lieberman to Resurrect DC Religious School Vouchers

Derek C. Araujo — January 28, 2011

Joe Lieberman and John Boehner will introduce bills reviving DC's voucher scheme two years after Congress began phasing it out.

House GOP to Prevent EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Derek C. Araujo — January 11, 2011

House Republicans are threatening to gut the EPA's budget in a ploy to prevent regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

House Republicans Appoint Climate Change Deniers to Committee Chairs

Derek C. Araujo — January 04, 2011

The Republican Leadership has appointed climate science deniers to the chairmanships of several important House committees.