Blog Archives for May, 2014

Help Free Meriam Ibrahim, Young Mother Sentenced to Death for Apostasy in Sudan

Michael De Dora — May 30, 2014

Tell your U.S. Representative to support a resolution that urges Sudan to immediately release and drop all charges against a woman sentenced to death for apostasy. 

Coalition of Religious and Secular Groups: No Prayer at WWII Memorial

Michael De Dora — May 20, 2014

The Center for Inquiry has joined eight leading religious and secularist groups in urging members of the U.S. House of Representatives to reject a problematic bill that would add a prayer plaque to the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C.

Tell Your U.S. Senators to Oppose 20-Week Abortion Ban

Michael De Dora — May 14, 2014

Tell your U.S. Senators to oppose a bill that would outlaw all abortions in the United States after 20 weeks -- with exceptions only for the mother's life, and officially reported instances of rape and incest. 

CFI Warns Roanoke Supervisor of Legal Action if Christians-Only Prayer Policy Is Enacted

Michael De Dora — May 12, 2014

The Center for Inquiry has asked a county supervisor in Roanoke County, Virginia to rescind his proposal to allow only Christian prayers at public board meetings, calling such a policy discriminatory and in violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, and warned of legal action if the policy is enacted.

Center for Inquiry Urges Ohio Lawmakers to Drop Resolution Honoring “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Michael De Dora — May 06, 2014

CFI today sent a letter to members of the Ohio House Committee on Health and Aging urging them to drop a resolution that would recognize the deeply problematic work of ideologically driven Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Advocacy Update — April 2014: Protecting the Sick From False Cures, Advancing Human Rights at the UN

Michael De Dora — May 01, 2014

The Center for Inquiry's Office of Public Policy monthly update highlighting some of our recent activity for members and followers.