Blog Archives for February, 2015

House Committee Rejects Public Funding for Private and Religious Schools

Michael De Dora — February 26, 2015

The House Committee on Rules last night rejected two amendments to the House of Representatives' version of a bill to reauthorize the Elementary and Seconary Education Act (ESEA) that would have funneled billions in taxpayer funding from public to private and religious schools.  

Ohio: Tell Your State Senator to Support CFI’s Ohio Secular Celebrant Bill!

Michael De Dora — February 18, 2015

Contact your state senator and urge them to back Ohio Senate Bill 50, which will authorize secular celebrants to solemnize marriages across the state.

International Group of Atheists, Secularists Urge Irish PM to Hold Referendum on Blasphemy Law

Michael De Dora — February 12, 2015

An international group of 44 leading atheists and secularists this week urged Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny to uphold a promise that the government would hold a referendum to remove the country's blasphemy law from the Irish Constitution. 

Tell Congress to Support Resolutions Designating Darwin Day 2015

Michael De Dora — February 06, 2015

Show members of Congress that Americans strongly support the role of scientific evidence in policymaking, investment in science education, and improvements to scientific literacy.

Indiana: Tell Your State Senator to Reject Taxpayer-Funded Religious Discrimination

Michael De Dora — February 03, 2015

Tell your state Senator to reject a bill that would allow state contractors to discriminate based on religion.

CFI Advocacy Update — January 2015

Michael De Dora — February 02, 2015

The Center for Inquiry's Office of Public Policy monthly update highlighting some of our recent activity for members and followers.