Center for Inquiry Urges Ohio Lawmakers to Drop Resolution Honoring “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

May 6, 2014

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) today sent a letter to members of the Ohio House Committee on Health and Aging urging them to drop a resolution that would recognize the deeply problematic work of ideologically driven Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs).

H.C.R. 52, which the committee will consider on Wednesday, May 7, was introduced “to recognize the valuable work of pregnancy resource centers and their positive, life-affirming impact on women, men, babies, and communities.” It goes on to state that “over 125 centers in Ohio provide comprehensive care to individuals facing unplanned pregnancies, including resources to meet their physical, psychological, emotional, financial, career, and spiritual needs.”

CFI deeply appreciates those who offer genuine assistance to pregnant women and their families in Ohio. However, CPCs mislead the public into thinking they provide health care when they exist mainly to advance narrow Christian views on reproductive issues.

As we conclude in our letter:

“While we disapprove of some of their practices, we acknowledge that CPCs have every right to exist – so long as they are open and honest about their practices and their ideological point of view. But certainly you can see that the Ohio state government should not endorse or financially support CPCs, which mislead the public, spread dangerous anti-scientific views, and advance sectarian religious beliefs.”

You can download our full letter here.

If you would like to join CFI in sending a message to members of the Ohio House Committee on Health and Aging, you can find a full list of members here.