Director of DOE Office of Science briefs Advisory Panel

November 2, 2009

On October 23 rd William Brinkman, Director of the DOE Office of Science, addressed the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel at the start of a two-day meeting in Washington on issues such as the FY 2010 budget, energy innovation hubs, high energy physics research, Office of Science education programs, and the doubling for the science budget that President Obama has proposed.


Regarding the budget, Brinkman stated that, “This has been a tremendous year” and that an “enormous amount” has been accomplished. He also still believes, “We are . . . heading for the doubling [of the science budget] by 2016.”


On science and technology education, Brinkman believes that, “People don’t seem to appreciate the enormity of our education programs.” He reminded the panel that over 300,000 students in all grade levels are touched by Office of Science programs every year and that a wide range of programs are offered, from open houses at laboratories to those that support early career research.