Michigan: Tell Your State Representative to Oppose Religious Discrimination by Adoption Agencies

October 3, 2013

Twenty-four members of the Michigan House of Representatives, led by Rep. Kenneth Kurtz (R-District 58), are pushing a set of bills that would legalize discrimination by adoption agencies — many funded with taxpayer dollars — based on religious views.

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) urges you to contact your representative and tell them to oppose this measure.

House bills 49274928, and 4991 would provide adoption agencies the legal right to refuse to place children in adoptive homes if the agency has religious objections to the parents. For instance, agencies could deny prospective parents if they belong to a certain religion, or none at all; or if the prospective parents are LGBT, or maintain lifestyles at odds with the religious beliefs of those who operate the agency.

CFI vigorously promotes and defends freedom of religion. But placing the adoption agency’s religious dogma over the best interests of the child and the rights of prospective parents violates the basic American principle — established by the Founding Fathers in the First Amendment, and clarified in the last 70 years by the Supreme Court — that the government must remain neutral on matters of religion. It may not prefer one religion to another, prefer religion to non-religion, or prefer non-religion to religion. It must judge institutions and citizens equally, based on secular, not religious, concerns.

Call or email your state representative now and tell them to oppose House bills 4927 and 4928, and protect secular government and civil rights in Michigan!