Toni Van Pelt to Speak at Event, Conference, Attend CFI Community of Arizona Civic Days

January 7, 2010

Office of Public Policy director Toni Van Pelt will speak at two upcoming events. Her first talk will take place in Arlington, VA at the National Science Foundation and will focus on Faith-Based Initiatives and Charitable Choice. For those in the Washington area that are interested, the talk is free and open to the public. An abstract of her speech follows.


National Science Foundation, Room 110

4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington,VA

Saturday, Jan 9, 1:30 pm


"Charitable Choice, Faith Based Initiatives and RFRA-Religious Freedom Reformation Act – What does it all mean?"

What every secular humanist needs to know about the encroachment of religious organizations into taxpayers' pocketbooks.  This will be a very intense discussion with a take home message to share with others.  You will want to take notes.

Toni’s second talk will take place in Indianapolis at the Darwin Day Science Conference on March 20 th 2010. Here she will again be speaking on Faith Based Initiatives and Charitable Choice. Now in its fourth year, the conference has become and annual event sponsored by CFI Indiana and the IUPUI Freethinkers. A link where you can find more information about the event, as well as a list of other attending and invited speakers can be found here .


In February, Toni will travel out to Arizona to speak with and help engage the CFI community in Southern Arizona during Arizona Civic Days in Tucson and Phoenix from Feb. 21-23. Here, the goal will be to introduce the Arizona legislature to the Center, as well as begin citizen lobbying efforts.