URGENT: Tell Your U.S. Representative to Protect Women’s Access to Abortion Services

January 28, 2014

Dozens of members of the House of Representatives are pushing a bill that would eliminate abortion coverage for millions of women — and we need your help to defeat it.

HR 7, also known as the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” would create a ban on using federal government funds on health care plans that include coverage for abortion. This means low-income women, civil servants, and women in the military would be forced to pay for abortions on their own.

But the bill doesn’t stop there.

  • HR 7 would also punish small businesses whose health care plans include abortion coverage with higher taxes;
  • It would raise taxes on women who opt to have an abortion, by eliminating their medical expense deductions;
  • And it would prohibit doctors employed by the government from performing abortions.

You can learn more about these provisions from our friends NARAL Pro-Choice America.

HR 7 includes exceptions for rape, incest, and women who encounter life-threatening complications from their pregnancies. Yet, in order to ensure women are not committing tax fraud, the IRS could investigate women who claim one of these exceptions.

Women could not only be interrogated before an abortion – they could face auditing afterwards as well. This is unacceptable. 

HR 7 is simply an attempt by religiously conservative lawmakers to stop millions of women from accessing abortion. The Center for Inquiry (CFI) believes women should be free to make decisions about their health, and have full access to reproductive care, without interference from politicians. We urge you to call or write your elected official in the House right now and tell them to oppose this measure.