In addition to the unique advocacy the Center for Inquiry performs at the federal level, CFI also works with several national coalitions in order to accomplish shared goals. These groups consist of dozens of secular, civil rights, education, labor, and faith-based organizations working together to acheive shared goals. Some of the coalitions we belong to include: 

  • Coalition Against Religious Discrimination: works to ensure Constitutionality of faith-based initiatives and prevent taxpayer-funded religious discrimination. 
  • National Coalition for Public Education: works to prevent private and religious school voucher legislation in Congress. 
  • Coalition for Liberty and Justice: works to ensure that public policy protects the religious liberty of all individuals, and to oppose policies that impose one religious viewpoint on all.
  • International Religious Freedom Roundtable: works to connect non-government and government organizations and officials advancing the rights to freedom of religion, belief, and expression.
  • Respect for Marriage Coalition: works to end the grow support for marriage equality at the federal and state levels. 
  • National Safe Schools Partnership: works to foster safe schools across America by addressing issues such as bullying and harassment in Congress.
  • Every Child Deserves A Family Coalition: works to pass the Every Child Deserves A Family Act, which would eliminate state laws, policies, practices, and procedures that exclude potential adoptive and foster parents because of their marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.