African American Outreach

African Americans for Humanism (AAH)

The need for critical thinking skills and a humanistic outlook in our world is great.  This is no less true in the black community than in others.  Many African Americans have been engulfed by religious irrationality, conned by self-serving "faith healers", and swayed by dogmatic revisionist historians.  Many others, however, have escaped the oppression of such delusions, and live happy and upstanding lives free of superstition.  African Americans for Humanism (AAH) exists to bring these secular humanists together, to provide a forum for communication, and to facilitate coordinated action.  In an irrational world, those who stand for reason must stand together.

For further information, visit African Americans for Humanism.

Director: Debbie Goddard
P.O. Box 741
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 636-4869 ext. 421