Walk&Talk(&Coffee) at Clackamas Town Center

Recurring Event
Recurs weekly on Wednesdays at 9:15 am -
Panera Bread in Clackamas Town Center, 12190 SE 82nd Ave, Clackamas, OR
  • Look for members, some with science-themed T-shirts, or a Meetup sign inside Panera coffee shop (between Macy's and REI, outside the Penney's end of the mall.)
  • [Your SWaT organizers need a break from hosting duties, so here's a chance for members to become greeters and leaders for this weekly walk -- or, you could offer to host!!]

    We walk Clackamas Town Center mall ~45 minutes before the shoppers arrive: starting from Panera Cafe, walk the two levels, then choose from several options to continue the conversation over caffeinated beverages and pastries/brunch, or, return to Panera's. 

    To help newcomers find the group, you could:  print out a Meetup tabletop sign by clicking on the "More" tab, above, then click on "Promote" and follow instructions. (Meetup requires promotional materials to be printed in the colors of its logo, or in black and white.)

    Equally helpful, you could "say it on your shirt":  wear a humanist T-Shirt supporting science and reason -- available from the SWaT Organizer or here: www.cafepress.com/ 

    Members wait for people who RSVP with yes and appreciate knowing who is coming. Please cancel if you can't attend.  

    SWaT welcomes freethinkers from all humanist/atheist groups in the Portland Metro area to join in for a good walk and interesting conversation.  

    (If you prefer to walk in a park when the weather permits, you can check our calendar for an Outdoor Alternate -- excepting winter months.) 

  • RSVP on the Secular Walk and Talk Meetup Calendar