WashCo Walk/Coffee

Recurring Event
Recurs weekly on Tuesdays at 9:15 am - 7:20 pm
Washington Square Mall, 9585 SW Washington Square Rd, Tigard, OR 97223

We wait for people who RSVP soplease cancel if you can't attend.


Take a walk in the park/mall -- wear a T-shirt supporting science and reason(if you have one; available on Evolvefish.com or contact CFI.) We walk aerobically with like-minded friends for ~50 minutes, then finish with coffee at a nearby cafe.


Arrive a few minutes early so we can make introductions, then start together shortly after 9:15 at our warm-up pace when we can pair up according to our walking rates.


Members who can't come for the walk are invited to join us for caffeinated conversation afterwards.


All ages and abilities are welcome, as are little ones in strollers.Contact the host for a cell number in case you can't find us; the walk may be cancelled when no RSVPs have been received that week.


Rain will send us back to the mall at Washington Square:see past SW Walk Meetups for details. This walk is easily accessible by train/bus.


What neighborhood do you live in? Host your own walk in Washington County!Pick a park and reserve your date by using the "Suggest a Meetup" feature (don't forget to suggest a nearby coffee shop.) All parks should have an even walking surface and nearby parking and restrooms.


This is a joint activity with theHumanists ofGreaterPortland andSecularFamilyNetwork.


We look forward to seeing you -- tell a friend!