Starting September 2014

Expanded presence. New leadership. The next step.


Help sustain our growth and secure our future! 

Center for Inquiry–Portland has been handed a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish itself as CFI's fifth official staffed branch. As skeptics, we know that this isn't because the stars are aligned. The dedication and support of our volunteers and members has defined our growth and success.

Unfortunately, our success has now come to threaten our sustainability, and we have outgrown the limitations of our all-volunteer organizational model. CFI's Transnational headquarters doesn't want to lose their most successful all-volunteer branch, and have offered us a chance to expand instead of dissolving.

Brian Harvey, known for fighting the Good News Club with Protect Portland Children and helping unite our movement's advocacy efforts through the Secular Coalition for Oregon, has agreed to accept the position of our new Executive Director once the transition is complete. CFI–Portland's core volunteers and Advisory Board members will be freed up to remain the directors and creative engines of the branch, while development, communications and administrative duties are carried out with the benefit of paid staffing — helping ensure a permanent home for skepticism and secularism in the region.

Now we need your helpTo demonstrate our commitment to the branch's success, CFI–Transnational has made our transition contingent on meeting an ambitious fundraising goal by year's end: Raising $10,000 total through event revenue, membership dues, and direct donations.

Please join us. Be a part of our future, and support our expansion today.


100% of your donation will stay here, supporting local programming and advocacy efforts in Portland and throughout the region, regardless of whether we meet or exceed our fundraising goal.


When you make a donation to CFI-Portland you become a member of a local and worldwide movement of humanists, skeptics, atheists, and freethinkers, all working together to give voice to your values.

Basic member benefits include:

  • The knowledge that you are supporting the mission of CFI
  • CFI Membership card, good at any CFI worldwide
  • Free entry into all CFI-Portland regular events
  • Preferred seating at major CFI-Portland events
  • Two Guest Passes
  • Discounts on conferences and special event

For more information, call CFI-Portland at 503-877-2347 or email

Thank you!