I Don’t Need to Know! My Path to Secular Humanism

CFI Portland's Ute Mitchell wrote a beautiful essay in month's Natural Life Magazine telling her journey to secular humanism.

I Don't Need to Know!
My Path to Secular Humanism
by Ute Mitchell

Imagine a garden. Flowers are blooming plentifully. Ripe, plump tomatoes are waiting to be harvested, next to rows of squash, cucumbers, onions, beans and lettuce. Birds are chirping their cheerful summer songs and bees are buzzing tirelessly from blossom to blossom. In the midst of this peaceful scene sits a woman, her body firmly rooted to the ground. She is sitting in a lotus position, her feet bare, her hands resting, ever so gently, on her legs. She meditates. She gives thanks to the universe for providing her with an abundance of vegetables and fruit – enough food to feed her family all summer and throughout the fall. It is a deeply spiritual moment, a moment of peace and relaxing solitude. This woman has reached the end of a long journey, a journey that had her question everything and everyone. It sent her soaring and dropped her into darkness. After endless nights of crying herself to sleep, this woman has made peace with a sometimes troubling fact: She is an atheist, a part of the most hated minority in America. And she is okay with it. This woman is me. I’m an atheist – a secular humanist – and this is my story...

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