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The Beaverton Atheists July Meetup: Beer night at John Barelycorn’s The Beaverton Atheists Meetup will move to John Barleycorn's in Tigard this month. Please note that this is a change from our usual venue. John Barleycorn's is hard to get into this time of year, especially out of doors, but we'll take a swing at it. We'll send scouts early… Shannon M 07/30/08 0
Evening out at the OMSI Science Pub FROM THE OMSI WEB SITE:   http://www.omsi.edu/education/adults/sciencepub/ "Your World in a Box: the Port of Portland and Global Trade.. Fifty years ago, the introduction of modern shipping containers revolutionized the world's economy. For the first time there was a secure, cost-effective method to transport everything from footwear to frozen French… Shannon M 07/28/08 0
CFI Discussion Group - Atheist Support: Dealing with the religious people in your life Come join us for the third in our series of discussion groups. We'll be at the Club house for hot debate or thoughtful conversation. Our topic for July: "Atheist Support: Dealing with the religious people in your life."   This month Mike will moderate a group discussion about how we… Shannon M 07/17/08 0
Get Involved Want to promote science, reason, and secular values in the Pacific Northwest?  Support CFI-Portland, keep informed about our activities, participate in our programs, and become a member! BECOME A MEMBER: Click the Join Now button above to join or renew your membership. When you make a donation to CFI-Portland you become a… Shannon M 02/29/08 0
Local Resources Center for Inquiry Portland has many faces on the web: Quick links on our Official Site http://www.centerforinquiry.net/portland /events/calendar = Primary Calendar /local_resources/category/newsletters = Newsletter Archive /forums/viewforum/88 = Local Message Board /digitalmedia = CFI Transnational Digital Media We use Meetup.com for Event Scheduling RSVP's and communication To cut down on the… Shannon M 02/27/08 0
Atheists run up against ‘last bias’ Our own Sylvia Benner (assistant coordinator) was interviewed this week by Margie Boulé for Sylvia's response to a previous column entry about a woman was was declined Elk's Lodge membership in Brookings, Oregon. From the online version the Oregonian: Atheists run up against 'last bias' by Margie Boulé Tuesday, February… Shannon M 02/26/08 0