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Welcome to Our Website! Welcome to the online home of CFI Community of Tallahassee. Here we will have an introduction to this website. Jefferson Seaver 05/31/14 0
CFI -Tallahassee Advisory Board - Bios and Pictures CFI-Tallahassee Advisory Board:   Harry Kroto, Honorary President, kroto@chem.fsu.edu   Warren Brackmann, President, brackmann.warren701@gmail.com   TBF, Vice President,   Gary Whittenberger, Secretary, whittfamily@comcast.net   Joan Patterson, Treasurer, jpatterson090@yahoo.com   Gary Stilwell, Communications Director, stilwellg@yahoo.com   Ray Bellamy, Program Director, ray_bellamy@yahoo.com   John Porgal, Membership Director,   Meta Calder, Member at… Jefferson Seaver 04/28/11 0
CFI’s Declaration in Defense of Science and Secularism We are deeply concerned about the ability of the United States to confront the many challenges it faces, both at home and abroad. Our concern has been compounded by the failure exhibited by far too many Americans, including influential decision-makers, to understand the nature of scientific inquiry and the integrity… Jefferson Seaver 07/12/10 0
Religion Battles Medicine in Kenya There are some stories that repeat themselves over and over again — just change the names, dates, and locations. How often do we need to hear that another priest has been accused of sexual abuse, or that another child died because his or her parents chose prayer over medicine? Boring… Jefferson Seaver 09/26/09 3 09/10/10
Churches put faith in advertising The alleged supreme creator of the universe, who is said to have revealed himself through nature so that people are without excuse, needs a little help getting the word out. “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen,… Jefferson Seaver 09/07/09 5 08/27/11
Mr. Deity and the Planes I haven't watched television in forever. We don't have cable. Everything I want to see is available on the Net. Colbert, Stewart, Bart and Homer, and of course Mr. Deity. This episode is a great one. Enjoy. Share it with your religious friends. They'll laugh while their most sacred beliefs… Jefferson Seaver 09/07/09 1 09/12/09
Maybe religion is the answer claims atheist scientist That something is true is no guarantee that it's helpful to the survival of homo sapiens. Religion may in fact be an artifact of evolution that we can discard without long lasting harm to the species. But then again, some functions of religion such its ability to foster mass cooperation,… Jefferson Seaver 09/07/09 3 09/12/09
Jesus of Siberia: an ex-traffic cop turned Messiah Jesus of Siberia: an ex-traffic cop turned Messiah By Alissa de Carbonnel September 1, 2009 Print: AFP PETROPAVLOVKA, Russia — The crowd shivered in breathless anticipation as dramatic music heralded his approach. “The Teacher is coming!” they whispered. They parted in a human tunnel to allow the approach of the… Jefferson Seaver 09/06/09 1 09/12/09
Instruction Manual for Life At a recent CFI event called Losing My Religion , a panel of formerly religious members told their stories — sometimes tearfully. But even a few atheists didn't understand why there was so much drama: "Eh, just get over it." For those, like me, who once took their faith very… Jefferson Seaver 09/06/09 1 02/17/10
The Greatest Show on Earth Two excerpts from Richard Dawkins' forthcoming book The Greatest Show on Earth are now available online: Creationists, now they’re coming for your children Richard Dawkins: the truth dogs reveal about evolution Richard is quick to point out that I hope I don't need to remind people that newspaper headlines are… Jefferson Seaver 09/06/09 1 09/12/09
Birth control battle in Revere - The Boston Globe All you have to do is read the headline and it's a pretty safe assumption that the article isn't about a battle between opposing secularists or scientists or women's rights groups. You don't have to read far to confirm that it's a Reverend Smuckity Schmuck from some Born-of-a-Virgin Parish. But… Jefferson Seaver 09/06/09 4 09/21/09
Penn & Teller’s Bullshit blasphemes the Vatican As the first celebration of Blasphemy Day (September 30) approaches, a recent episode of Penn & Teller's Bullshit took on the Vatican: The half-hour show libeled the Catholic Church with impunity, blaming the Church for, as [Bill] Donohue put it, "every evil in history." Show host Jillette said the "intolerance,… Jefferson Seaver 09/06/09 4 02/02/13
Praying that God will Kill the President According to the Associated Baptist Press, Wiley Drake, former VP of the Southern Baptist Convention, is convinced that God was behind the murder of abortion provider George Tiller. He hopes that God won’t stop there.   Drake said June 2 on "The Alan Colmes Show" that unless Obama repents, he… Jefferson Seaver 06/14/09 7 07/03/09
Mr. Deity and the Virgin A new episode of   Mr. Deity has been released and it’s a good one. God’s assistant is upset that an innocent girl is going to be killed:   "They’re saying she’s not a virgin… They’re going to stone her to death. They’re going to kill her. And she could… Jefferson Seaver 06/14/09 1 06/18/09
In Texas, I say “goodbye,” you say “heaven-o.” At the urging of Texas resident Leonso Canales, Jr., who owns the Kingsville Flea Market,     the Kleberg County commissioners on Monday unanimously designated "heaven-o" as the county’s official greeting. The reason: "hello" contains the word "hell."   Even a county judge, Pete De La Garza, didn’t have enough… Jefferson Seaver 06/14/09 8 06/26/09
Pope Warns that Secularism Causes Empty Eucharistic Worship Well, I’ll be. Not only have secularists infiltrated our government and universities, they have penetrated the church in order cause "formal and empty Eucharistic worship."   In his homily, the Holy Father illustrated the importance of faith in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, telling the thousands of… Jefferson Seaver 06/14/09 1 07/14/09
Movie Night Call 317-423-0710 or 317-797-5892 or email indy@centerforinquiry.net for more information. Anyone is welcome to attend.  Jefferson Seaver 06/06/09 0
Atheist Posers? I was recently introduced to the work of self-proclaimed Christian Atheist and Orthodox Heretic, Peter Rollins, who boasts a PhD in "post-secular religious theory." He is the author of books such as   The Orthodox Heretic ,     The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief   and… Jefferson Seaver 05/16/09 3 05/19/09
Following Jesus’ teaching may be the undoing of Christianity The secular community often bemoans the religiosity of Americans compared with their British and other European counterparts. A recent article from Gallup offers a perspective that is important to keep in mind. Steve Crabtree and Brett Pelham ask, "Are Americans among the most religious people in the world?" Well, "the… Jefferson Seaver 04/04/09 8 04/25/09
New law requires Afghan women to have sex with husbands every 4 nights Here’s yet another instance in which the U.S. collaborates with (even installs!) foreign leaders who don’t support Democracy and civil rights to the extent we do here in the West:   Afghan President Hamid Karzai has just signed a law that forces women to obey their husbands’ sexual demands, keeps… Jefferson Seaver 04/04/09 3 04/14/09
The Atheism Tapes The Atheism Tapes Jefferson Seaver 05/30/08 0
Center for Inquiry Launches New Office of Public Policy Blog CFI's Office of Public Policy recently launched an online blog to inform members about CFI's legislative activities on the Hill. The OPP blog will include press releases, OPP updates, and action items which will allow readers to learn about and participate in the legislative process. The blog is located at… Jefferson Seaver 05/21/08 0
Local Resources A great way to become involved with CFI Alberta is to come to one of our events! Check the  Events Calendar  for time and location. Come and enjoy stimulating conversation and entertainment, and find out about volunteer opportunities. If you'd like to receive alerts about upcoming meetings and events, you can sign… Jefferson Seaver 04/28/08 0
Get Involved If you wish to support the Centre for Inquiry Community of Calgary keep informed about its activities, and join in its programs, please become a Friend of the Centre 1 . Benefits of Friendship include: Free entry into all CFI Community of Calgary regular events, discounts on conferences and other… Jefferson Seaver 04/28/08 0
Welcome to the Calgary Centre for Inquiry We encourage Calgary's skeptics and free thinking community to get together, socialize and have fun. Our chapter has regular monthly social meetings, special speakers, and entertainment nights. What is the Centre For Inquiry? The Centre for inquiry is an organization that fosters a secular society based on science, reason, freedom… Jefferson Seaver 04/28/08 0
Secular Family Network at Earth Day Saturday, April 26.   Join the Secular Family Network and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful in helping clean up an Indianapolis park in honor of Earth Day.   Watch future communications for time and location.   Kids are welcome. Jefferson Seaver 04/26/08 0
“A Textbook Case of Downplaying Global Warming?” Jefferson Seaver 04/15/08 0
CFI Issues Critique of Civics Textbook The Center for Inquiry recently learned that a civics textbook used in many secondary schools around the country contains inaccurate and misleading statements, in particular in its analysis of certain constitutional law issues, including school prayer, and global warming. CFI has analyzed the textbook, American Government Institutions and Policies (10th… Jefferson Seaver 04/06/08 0
Book Discussion Group CFI Comm. of LI Book Discussion Group Jefferson Seaver 04/01/08 0
U.S. Must Embrace Obligations of Global Citizenship and Ratify and Apply International Treaties Contact: Austin Dacey Phone: (212) 504-2945 ext. 3 E-mail: adacey [at] centerforinquiry.net Amherst, New York (March 31, 2008)—The recent United States Supreme Court decision in Medellin v. Texas, allowing the State of Texas to ignore a judgment of the International Court of Justice, highlights the country’s shameful failure to live… Jefferson Seaver 04/01/08 0
Center for Inquiry Challenges Junk Science in Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Case Publishers of ‘Skeptical Inquirer’ Magazine, with Coalition of Scientists, Scholars, and Institutions, Defend Exclusion of Putative ‘Experts’ Amherst, New York (March 31, 2008)— The think tank Center for Inquiry filed a joint amicus brief in Iowa Supreme Court defending the exclusion of “expert” opinions by conservative religionists and others claiming… Jefferson Seaver 04/01/08 0
Hitchens vs. Hitchens Brothers will do battle over God, politics and culture GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens, both journalists and authors, couldn’t be more different and divided. A friend to both said, “one is a conservative, traditionalist, church-going Anglican; the other a liberal, louche, drinking-and-smoking atheist.” The brothers, throughout… Jefferson Seaver 03/26/08 0
Book Discussion Group CFI Comm. of LI Book Discussion Group Jefferson Seaver 03/04/08 0
Survey shows Non-Religious Outnumber Those of Every Single Faith (But One) Americans’ Faiths in Flux as More Reject Their Given Religions Amherst, New York (March 3, 2008)—The most detailed estimates to date of Americans’ religious affiliations reports that a significant portion of U.S. citizens claim “none of the above,” placing the unaffiliated second only to Roman Catholics in number. Monday’s release… Jefferson Seaver 03/03/08 0
Celebrating the Opening of CFI Low Countries A new branch of Center for Inquiry Transnational in the the Netherlands and Belgium - together called the Low Countries. According to Jonathan Israel in his works Radical Enlightenment and The Enlightenment Contested the Low Countries are the birth place of the early, radical and atheistic Enlightenment of the 17th… Jefferson Seaver 02/29/08 0
Low Countries Chairman Jefferson Seaver 02/22/08 0
New Position Paper: Assistance in Dying for the Terminally Ill Few issues in bioethics have received as much sustained attention as the question of whether the terminally ill should have the right to hasten their deaths through prescribed medication, a practice known as assisted suicide or assistance in dying. This question has been debated in Congress, state legislatures, the Supreme… Jefferson Seaver 02/22/08 0
A Call to Legalize Physician Assistance in Dying for the Terminally Ill Executive Summary Few issues in bioethics have received as much sustained attention as the question of whether the terminally ill should have the right to hasten their deaths through prescribed medication, a practice known as assisted suicide or assistance in dying. This question has been debated in Congress, state legislatures,… Jefferson Seaver 02/22/08 0
Book Discussion Group CFI Comm. of LI Book Discussion Group Jefferson Seaver 02/05/08 0
Opening Launch of Center for Inquiry London Please see: http://www.centerforinquiry.net/london/news/london_opening/ Jefferson Seaver 02/05/08 0
Report for the Year 2007 Please read the report here . Jefferson Seaver 01/21/08 0
Center Devoted to the Public’s Appreciation of Science and Humanism Expands to Include UK Local Organization Inaugurates New Educational Centre in the UK Amherst, New York (January 15, 2008)—The Center for Inquiry/Transnational (CFI), an Amherst, New York based international think tank promoting reason, science, and secular humanism, has announced that it is opening an office in the United Kingdom.   The new office, based… Jefferson Seaver 01/15/08 0
Tampa Bay Skeptics—Quarterly Meeting Don't miss out on our TBS events! TBS is world famous for investigating claims of the paranormal. Jefferson Seaver 12/29/07 0
Monthly Forum CFI Comm. of LI Annual Celebration! Jefferson Seaver 12/21/07 0
Center for Inquiry joins in call for Presidential Debate “We don’t want to concede science to other nations,” a group of Nobel Laureates says; broad coalition seeks a science and technology-themed Presidential debate in 2008 Amherst, New York (December 10, 2007)-Ten Nobel laureates, two dozen other eminent scientists, and the leaders of many of America's pre-eminent scientific organizations and… Jefferson Seaver 12/11/07 0
Book Discussion Group CFI Comm. of LI Book Discussion Group Jefferson Seaver 12/04/07 0
Center for Inquiry Welcomes Appellate Decision Finding Faith-Based Rehabilitation Program Unconstitutional Amherst, New York (December 4, 2007)-In a major ruling affecting faith-based service providers, the U.S Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit decided today that the State of Iowa could not fund an inmate rehabilitation program called InnerChange Freedom Initiatives that was run by Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries. The… Jefferson Seaver 12/04/07 0
Same-Sex Marriage—And Marriage The Center for Inquiry firmly believes that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals are entitled to the same civil rights and liberties as heterosexuals. They are also entitled to the same economic benefits. CFI has examined the issue of same-sex marriage and has concluded that as long as the… Jefferson Seaver 12/03/07 0
CFI Releases New Position Paper The Center for Inquiry firmly believes that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals are entitled to the same civil rights and liberties as heterosexuals. They are also entitled to the same economic benefits. CFI has examined the issue of same-sex marriage and has concluded that as long as the… Jefferson Seaver 12/03/07 0
Center for Inquiry Experts Comment on Texas Science Education Standards Amherst, N.Y. (December 3, 2007)-Experts at the Center for Inquiry (CFI), America's largest think tank defending reason, science, and freedom of inquiry, were dismayed to learn that Texas has forced a distinguished educator out of her job because she spoke favorably of evolution and forwarded messages about lectures on evolution.… Jefferson Seaver 12/03/07 0
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