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To Atheists in Foxholes A WWII journalist popularized the saying that "there are no atheists in foxholes." In reality, however, non-believers have courageously served in the military. Indeed, Chair Emeritus Paul Kurtz fought during WW II. Other humanist veterans from WWII have visited the Center for Inquiry/Transnational. During Veterans Day there are noble efforts to remember the valiant contributions of long-neglected… Norm R. Allen Jr. 11/11/09 2 11/16/09
Nigerian Nightmare The Center for Inquiry's anti-superstition campaign is in full swing. Leo Igwe of the Center for Inquiry/Nigeria is spearheading the effort. He has taken the campaign from Ghana to Nigeria. On the morning of July 29,2009, Igwe was heading a conference on witchcraft and the rights of children. However, the conference… Norm R. Allen Jr. 07/31/09 6 08/08/09
Update on anti-superstition On May 28, 2009, the Center for Inquiry/Transnational and the Society for Women and AIDS in Africa (SWAA) jointly sponsored a conference on witchcraft in Accra, Ghana. The gathering featured educators from various backgrounds discussing the importance of defending rationality and combating superstition throughout Africa. Leo Igwe, the chairman of… Norm R. Allen Jr. 06/22/09 2 06/25/09
Winter 2009 Issue of the CFI Transnational Newsletter Now Available Online Articles available in this issue: The Winds of Change are Blowing What Kind of Change Will Obama Bring? Leo Igwe at the Center for Inquiry/Kenya Updates on: CFI/Nigeria CFI/India CFI/Senegal CFI/Ontario CFI/Kenya CFI/Uganda CFI/Philippines CFI/London CFI/Transnational Download the Winter 2009 issue of CFI Transnational's newsletter (4.6MB, PDF) Norm R. Allen Jr. 06/11/09 0
Anti-Superstition Campaign Superstitious beliefs have retarded human progress from time immemorial. However, superstition has been especially pernicious and difficult to combat in Africa. For example, in numerous African nations, alleged witches are being persecuted and blamed for causing illnesses, poverty, death, etc. Not all superstitions in Africa are so dangerous. Marrabouts, or… Norm R. Allen Jr. 05/22/09 4 05/30/09
Africa Needs More Human-Centered Thought and Activism On December 27, 2008, the self-professed atheist Matthew Parris argued for religion in Africa in   The Times Online , headquartered in the UK. In his article titled “As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God,” he spoke glowingly of “the enormous contribution that Christian evangelism makes in Africa….”… Norm R. Allen Jr. 01/07/09 5 01/15/09