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Good News: Skeptical Inquirer Is Putting A Few More Women in Its Pages The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), founded in 1976 as CSICOP by Paul Kurtz, was one of the very first and is the longest-running formal skeptics organization. Like most of those in charge in the ’70s, its leaders and heroes were older white men. Many charge that the organization and its official journal,Skeptical… Julia Lavarnway 01/10/12 2 02/01/12
Standing Up to Gender Bullying You’ve probably seen this Tumblr post already, but I thought I’d share it anyway. In summary: Kristen, a woman who works as a shift manager for Gamestop, recently witnessed a father trying to bully his son, age 10–12, out of buying a purple game controller along with a game with a female protagonist.… Julia Lavarnway 01/09/12 2 01/10/12