An Imam Remanded in Custody for Paedophilia

Religion, we are told, is necessary to keep society moral, in which case we would expect religious priests to be the upholders of morality , pure and good people. But no!  Witness the cases in recent years of Catholic priests who have been imprisoned for sexually abusing young people placed in their care. There have been such cases in Ireland, the USA, Britain, France, and Austria.  Now we have the case of an Imam of the Algerian mosque, where he teaches Arabic and the Koran, in Mulhouse in N.E.France  He is in prison awaiting trial for "sexual aggression on minors by a person in authority." Police enquiries have revealed that the Imam "repeatedly molested two girls, eleven and thirteen years old."  The Imam is married, and the father of three children.  He was caught in the act by the sister of one of the victims.  In order to buy their silence, the Imam seems to have paid them some money, and sweets.  [Source:  Libération (Paris, French Daily newspaper) Friday, 18 May, 2001.]