About Azam Kamguian

Azam Kamguian is an Iranian writer and women's rights activist. She was born in 1958 and started her political activities as a socialist in 1976. She was a medical student at Pahlavi University in Shiraz until arrested and imprisoned for a year for organising student protests. The second time she was imprisoned for political activities was after the Islamic Republic of Iran took power. Azam was released from prison in 1983, after a brutal treatment in prison including constant torture and solitary confinement. She resisted all the pressure and kept her real political identity undiscovered. Lest this be discovered, placing her life in real danger, Azam fled to Kurdistan, a free region at that time, and continued the struggle for eight years until the beginning of 1990s, when she left Kurdistan for America.

Azam Kamguian has been writing since 1979. She has written several books including "Islam, Women, Challenges and Perspectives", "Feminism, Socialism and Human Nature", "On Religion", "Women's Liberation and Political Processes in the Middle East", "Islam & Women's Rights", "Iranian Women's Movement for Equality" and "Godlessness, Freedom from Religion & Human happiness"

Azam Kamguian is the founder and the chairperson for "Committee to Defend Women's Rights in the Middle East" and editor of its bulletin, "Women in the Middle East". Azam's numerous articles and Interviews on women, religion, Islam and social issues have been published and broadcast in various Persian as well as English, Swedish, Finish, Danish, French, Turkish and Arabic mainstream newspapers, journals, TV and radios. She is also member of the editorial of Medusa, a women journal in Farsi.

Throughout her activities, Azam has organised several campaigns in the defence of women's rights in the Middle East and has advocated Middle Eastern women's rights, secularism in various international, regional and national Congresses and conferences.

Currently, she lives and works in London, England.