Sick Dreams of a Fanatic Islamist

by Azam Kamguian

Instead of putting chastity belts on women or burning them, contemporary Christians merely pressurise girls and young women into wearing virginity rings on their wedding fingers. This may be progress of a kind, but as some American commentators have already pointed out, when wearers of the rings do have sex it is more likely to be unprotected, and rather than reducing unwanted pregnancies the rate is actually higher among these self-declared “virgins”. We live in the 21st century and thanks to powerful secularist and liberationist women’s movements, Christian nonsense of this kind had been forced onto the defensive - but it is fighting back. We need to push it back to where it belongs – to history. 

Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed envies American Christians and sees the Afghan-style oppression of women as the solution to teenage pregnancy: he proposes burkas and sexual apartheid in British schools. He suggests that if we segregate girls, we would have no sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), no teenage pregnancies and stable families.

Like all other religionists and fanatics, Mr. Ahmed either himself lacks intelligence or refuses to use it. Do we have regular and systematic surveys and statistics on STD, teenage pregnancy and divorce rate in Afghanistan, Iran and other Islam stricken societies? No, of course not. Instead, how many times have we heard about depression, self immolation, suicides and honour killings, and of young women and girls escaping from home and the brutal violence used against them? 

Mr. Ahmed intends to sell the products of a closed, corrupt Islamic society such as Afghanistan to the people - and particularly the youth - in the West. You want to get rid of STDs and teenage pregnancy? Lock up your girls, wear burka, hijab and jilbab! Let women suffer lifelong sexual oppression while the men follow the example of the Prophet Mohammed and the army of ayatollahs: innumerable sexual relationships, as many as they wish! This is Islamic morality. 

But what about the real problems of teenage pregnancies and STDs? We should educate youth. We must provide proper sex education and provide free, safe and reliable contraceptives. We should give young girls more control over their lives and more choices. As experience from Holland has shown, this is the only humane and effective way to reduce unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases. 

Islam and Christianity with their chastity rings and burkas belong to the dark past, and in the name of human dignity and women’s autonomy must be rejected. 

Burka, Hijab and Jilbab are nothing but the sick dreams of a fanatic Islamist.

Iftikhar Ahmad of the so-called “London School of Islamics” widely circulates e-mails advocating the establishment in Britain of Muslim schools of the most undesirable kind - the sort that devote most of the day to teaching “traditional” Islam in Asian languages. His latest opus praises the Silver Ring Thing evangelists and makes the case for enforcing Islamic ideas of “chastity” on women. He writes: “In Afghanistan 99.9% of teenagers are virgin. The reason is that all teenager girls leave homes wearing Afghani Burkhas. There is no mix gathering. They attend single sex schools. They marry as early as possible. If the teenager girls start wearing Afghani Burkhas or Jilbab, I am sure that they are not going to lose their virginity before marriage. The other alternative is the wearing of Jilbab. The success of chastity crusade will depend on the number of teenagers leaving homes for schools with Jilbab or Afghani Burkhas.”