Stop Spreading Islamic Fanaticism, Misogyny and Terrorism!

Political Islamic groups and Islamic leaders, such as al - Mohajeroon and Sheik Omar Bakrie are amongst those forces who ally themselves with Molla Omar and Bin Ladin, those who are friends of the Islamic Republic Of Iran and all sorts of reactionary Islamic groups and leaders. They have organised today's rally in London to promote Islamic fanaticism, misogyny, and use people's justified opposition to the threatened US attack on Iraq. They advocate political Islam, a reactionary movement that has destroyed and continues to destroy the lives, hopes and dreams of three consecutive generations in Iran, Afghanistan and the Sudan in the last twenty plus years. 

Over the last two decades, millions have been and continue to be executed, decapitated and stoned to death, slaughtered and displaced by Islamic states, political Islamic movements and Islamic terrorists in Iran, the Sudan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Central Asia, and finally in America. Al - Mohajeroon and Sheik Omar support these Islamic atrocities. They are part of a movement that oppose women's freedom, women's civil liberties and freedom of expression. They are for the enforcement of brutal laws and traditions against people, and killing, beheading, and genocide of people from young children to the elderly. 

Yes, al - Mohajeroon and Sheikh Omar strongly and passionately support Islamic movement and Islamic terrorism. They are part of a movement, which has come to the fore against secular and progressive movements for liberation, against cultural and intellectual advances and against a peaceful society. Violence and disregard for human dignity is inherent in their definition. Women have been and still are the first - hand victims of this reactionary Islamic movements and leaders. 

We call upon all secularist forces, freethinkers and freedom -lovers to stand up and protest against spreading hatred, violence, misogyny and fanaticism by political Islamic groups and leaders such as Sheikh Bakrie and al - Mohajeroon. We should defend ourselves against this barbarism. These Groups must be stopped!

Stop Promoting Political Islam!

Long Live Secularism!

Committee to Defend Women's Rights in the Middle East