What is SOS?

SOS is a nonprofit network of autonomous, nonprofessional local groups dedicated solely to helping individuals achieve and maintain sobriety. There are groups meeting in many cities throughout the US and other countries. For information about a group in your area, or if you would like to start a group, contact:

Secular Organizations for Sobriety/ Save Our Selves
4773 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027 USA
Tel : (323) 666-4295 Fax: (323) 666-4271
E-mail: sos@cfiwest.org.


History of SOS 

The SOS movement began with an article in the Summer 1985 issue of Free Inquiry magazine, the leading humanist journal in the country.

James Christopher, the son of an alcoholic and a sober alcoholic himself, wrote “Sobriety without Superstition,” an account of the path he took to sobriety.

Christopher felt that there must be others who wanted to achieve and maintain sobriety through personal responsibility and self-reliance.

As a result of the tremendous response to the article from addicted individuals who wanted to maintain sobriety as a separate issue from all else, Jim Christopher founded the Secular Organizations for Sobriety/Save Our Selves.

Today there are SOS groups meeting nationally, as well as in other countries. SOS has gained recognition from rehabilitation professionals and the nation’s court systems. In November of 1987, the California courts recognized SOS as an alternative to AA in sentencing offenders to mandatory participation in a rehabilitation program. Also, the Veterans Administration has adopted a policy which prohibits mandatory participation in programs of a religious nature.