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There are now three web sites for Canada groups:

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SOS Support Group of Ottawa

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SOS E-Groups

SOS International E-Support List  

Home E-Group of SOS
SOS Save Our Selves  International E-Support Group

SOS Women E-Support Group
Set up to meet the needs of women in SOS

SOS Friends and Families
Set up to meet the needs of friends and families of those who are or have been addicted.

SOS Badge-to-Badge
A peer-support group dedicated to the recovery of law enforcement personnel who are dealing with alcohol, and other addictions. This group is open to all police and law enforcement, whether newly sober or with many years of recovery. Our topics range greatly and the discussion of new ideas in recovery is encouraged. This forum is a safe, confidential way of gathering information on addictions and sharing it with others in the law enforcement community. Badge to Badge is an alternative recovery group based in Western New York, which follows the guidelines and principles of SOS (Save Our Selves) International. This group is an autonomous, non-professional local group dedicated solely to helping law enforcement personnel achieve and maintain sobriety. 


SOS Group E-Lists  
For the use of promoting the group and giving info to the local members

SOS Netherlands E-Support Group 

SOS Central Texas Temple E-Support Group   

SOS Dallas E-support Group 

New York State SOS E-Support Group