Marwa Berro

Between a Veil and a Dark Place — Bloomington, IN

Marwa Berro is a writer and professional translator from Beirut. An apostate from Islam, she grew up between an international expatriate community in Saudi Arabia and Hezbollah guerrilla warfare culture in Lebanon. She runs the popular blog Between a Veil and a Dark Place, where she explores womanhood and politics post-Islam, with a recurring focus on the residual effects of 15 years of wearing the Muslim veil. Her literary work appears in or is forthcoming from The Kenyon Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, 580 Split, Mizna, and the Evergreen Review among others. She is a recipient of the 2012 Jane Foulkes Malone Fellowship from Indiana Univeristy and the 2013 JoAnn Athanas Memorial Award in literature from the National Society of Arts and Letters. She received her BA in English literature and her MA in philosophy from the American University of Beirut. She is working on a memoir expansion of her blog in book form.

  • I was interviewed as a guest God Blogger on The Drew Marshall Show, "Canada's Most Listened To Spiritual Talk Show" 

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Topic(s): Atheism & Secularism, Politics, Psychology, Social Issues & Movements

Sub-topic(s): Atheist/secular movement, Coming out atheist, Free expression issues, Sex & Sexuality, Islam, Women & gender