Mario Bunge

McGill University — West Montreal, QC

Mario Bunge received his PhD in physics from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in 1952.  He has been both a professor of physics and philosophyin South America, the United States, and Canada.  He has been a professor philosophy McGill University since 1966.

Dr. Bunge is the author of more than 500 scholarly papers and book chapters, and more than 70 books in physics and philosophy.  Some of his books include Causality and Modern Science, Intuition and Science, The Myth of Simplicity, Foundations of Physics, Scientific Research, Philosophy of Physics, Treatise on Basic Philosophy, The Mind-Body Problem, Scientific Materialism, Philosophy of Psychology, Finding Philosophy in Social Science, Foundations of Biophilosophy, Social Science Under Debate, The Sociology-Philosophy Connection, Philosophy in Crisis, Philosophical Dictionary, Emergence and Convergence, Ueber die Natur der Dinge, Chasing Reality, and Political Philosophy. The latest are Matter and Mind (2010), Evaluating Philosophies (2012), Medical Philosophy (2013), and Between Two Worlds: Memoirs of a Philosopher-Scientist (2016). 

Mario Bunge is only available for lectures in the Montreal area. 

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Topic(s): Philosophy

Sub-topic(s): Ethics & morality, Meaning of life, Metaphysics, Naturalism, Philosophy of science