Paranormal and Fringe-Science Claims

Bruce Hood

University of Bristol — Bristol, England

Caleb Lack

Oklahoma City, OK

Scott Lilienfeld

Emory University — Atlanta, GA

William London

California State University – Los Angeles — Los Angeles, CA

James McGaha

Grasslands Observatory — Tucson, AZ

Joe Nickell

Center for Inquiry — Amherst, NY

Benjamin Radford

Center for Inquiry — Albuquerque, NM

Ian Robinson

Rationalist Society of Australia — Melbourne, VIC

Brahm Segal

University at Buffalo — Buffalo, NY

Victor Stenger

University of Colorado — Lafayette, CO

Karen Stollznow

University of California – Berkeley — Berkeley, CA

Lawrence Torcello

Rochester Institute of Technology — Rochester, NY

James Underdown

Center for Inquiry — Los Angeles, CA