Secular Humanism

Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar

Global Secular Humanist Movement — Washington, DC

Julian Baggini

The Philosophers’ Magazine — Bristol, England

Jason Ball

Freethought University Alliance — Melbourne, VIC

Gary Bauslaugh

Independent — Duncan, BC

Tom Clark

Center for Naturalism — Cambridge, MA

James Croft

Temple of the Future — Boston, MA

Michael De Dora

Center for Inquiry — Washington, DC

Tom Flynn

Center for Inquiry — Amherst, NY

Jen Hancock

Writer, Speaker, Humanist — Tampa Bay, FL

Jennifer Michael Hecht

Philosopher, Historian, Poet — New York, NY

David Koepsell

Technology University of Delft — Delft, The Netherlands

Ronald A. Lindsay

Center for Inquiry — Amherst, NY

William London

California State University – Los Angeles — Los Angeles, CA

Sara Mayhew

Kirkland Lake, ON

John Perkins

National Institute of Economic and Industry Research — Melbourne, VIC

Susan Sackett

American Humanist Association — Phoenix, AZ

Chris Stedman

Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University — Boston, MA

Victor Stenger

University of Colorado — Lafayette, CO

Nikki Stern

Writer — Princeton, NJ

John Suarez

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State — Los Angeles, CA

Edward Tabash

Center for Inquiry — Los Angeles, CA

James Underdown

Center for Inquiry — Los Angeles, CA

Gretta Vosper

Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity — Toronto, ON

Judith B. Walker

Center for Inquiry — Denver, CO

Reba Boyd Wooden

Center for Inquiry — Indianapolis, IN