Speakers – United States

Ronald Aronson

Wayne State University — Detroit, MI
Topic(s): History, Media, Politics
Sub-topic(s): Lobbying, Coming out atheist, Journalism  Read more ›

Bob Blaskiewicz

Independent Investigations Group—Atlanta — Atlanta, GA
Topic(s): Education, Skepticism, Social Issues & Movements
Sub-topic(s): Critical thinking, Conspiracy theories  Read more ›

Tom Clark

Center for Naturalism — Cambridge, MA
Topic(s): Humanism, Philosophy
Sub-topic(s): Ethics & morality, Meaning of life, Naturalism  Read more ›

Luke Galen

Reasonable Doubts Podcast — Grand Rapids, MI
Topic(s): Psychology, Religion
Sub-topic(s): Psychology of religion, Leaving religion  Read more ›

Stephanie Guttormson

Center for Inquiry — Washington, DC
Topic(s): Skepticism
Sub-topic(s): LGBTQ issues  Read more ›

Susan Haack

University of Miami — Miami, FL
Topic(s): Philosophy
Sub-topic(s): Ethics & morality, Metaphysics  Read more ›

Chris Hallquist

Machine Intelligence Research Institute — Portland, OR
Topic(s): Religion, Social Issues & Movements
Sub-topic(s): Atheist/secular movement, History of religion  Read more ›

Tawfik Hamid

Potomac Institute for Policy Studies — Arlington, VA
Topic(s): Religion
Sub-topic(s): History of religion, Islam, Religious extremism  Read more ›

Penny Higgins

University of Rochester — Rochester, NY
Topic(s): Biology, Chemistry, Science (General)
Sub-topic(s): Evolution, Science education  Read more ›

George Hrab

The Geologic Podcast — Bethlehem, PA
Topic(s): Arts & Entertainment
Sub-topic(s): Comedy, Music  Read more ›

Barry Kosmin

Center for Inquiry — Hartford, CT
Topic(s): Politics, Religion
Sub-topic(s): Separation of church and state  Read more ›

John W. Loftus

Debunking Christianity — Angola, IN
Topic(s): Religion
Sub-topic(s): Leaving religion  Read more ›

Chris Lombardi

Secular Coalition for America — Washington, DC
Topic(s): Politics, Religion
Sub-topic(s): Lobbying, Separation of church and state  Read more ›

William London

California State University – Los Angeles — Los Angeles, CA
Topic(s): Skepticism
Sub-topic(s): Alternative medicine, Paranormal & fringe-science claims, Pseudoscience  Read more ›

Shawn Otto

Author, Filmmaker — Marine on St Croix, MN
Topic(s): Debates, Education
Sub-topic(s): Science education  Read more ›

Keith Parsons

University of Houston – Clear Lake — Houston, TX
Topic(s): Debates, Philosophy
Sub-topic(s): Philosophy of science  Read more ›

Andrew Petto

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee — Milwaukee, WI
Topic(s): Biology, Education, Sociology & Anthropology
Sub-topic(s): Evolution, Science education  Read more ›

Robert Price

Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary — Selma, NC
Topic(s): Education, Religion
Sub-topic(s): History of religion  Read more ›

Susan Sackett

American Humanist Association — Phoenix, AZ
Topic(s): Arts & Entertainment, Humanism
Sub-topic(s): Art & science, Filmmaking  Read more ›

Brahm Segal

University at Buffalo — Buffalo, NY
Topic(s): Biology, Science (General)
Sub-topic(s): Science education  Read more ›