Ted Cox

Writer — Seattle, WA

Ted Cox garnered international media attention for his undercover reporting on gay-to-straight therapy programs. A journalist who frequently covers religion, Ted has toured the country speaking to packed rooms about ex-gay programs, the Mormon temple ceremonies, the pro-life movement, and various other forms of religious quackery. When not writing bios in the third person, he spends his time drinking tasty beer and picking cat hair off his shirt.

He contributes to a number of print and online publications and bblogs at iheartcox.com

Speech descriptions:

  • "What I Learned at Straight Camp," is an hour-long look into "ex-gay" programs which features videos, audience singing, and a live demonstration of "healing touch" therapy. Ted has delivered this presentation at dozens of schools including Harvard, UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago, Dartmouth, Stanford, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Boston University, and Northwestern University.
  • "How to Get Into Heaven (According to Mormons)" draws on his upbringing in the Mormon church and lays bare everything from the super-secret Mormon temple ceremony, including magic underwear, special handshakes, and naked oil-rubdowns. No, really.
  • Lies the pro-life movement told me: This speech look at their beliefs and tactics and the frightening influence they hold over US politics, and how women's health advocates are fighting back.
  • Is your pastor an atheist?: Across the country hundreds of pastors have lost faith in God -- and many of them are still leading churches. The Clergy Project, a support group for current and former pastors, helps them make the transition to a secular life, but many of them are trapped in their positions.

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