Ryan Cragun

Author, The University of Tampa — Tampa, FL

Born and raised in rural Utah, Ryan Cragun was raised Mormon. He was a devout Mormon – including serving as a Mormon missionary in Costa Rica – until 25 when his graduate training helped him turn a critical eye to his religion. He became a secular humanist shortly after leaving Mormonism. He completed his PhD in Sociology (emphasis on religion) in 2007 at the University of Cincinnati and now works at The University of Tampa. His research focuses on the sociology of the nonreligious (atheists, agnostics, nones, etc.), Mormonism, and on secularization. His research has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, including: Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Contemporary Religion, Journal of Religion and Health, and Nova Religio. He is also the author of several books and numerous book chapters, and is also a regular contributor to Free Inquiry.

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Sub-topic(s): Atheist/secular movement, Leaving religion