Phil Ferguson

Skeptic Money — Champaign, IL

Phil is the founder of Champaign Urbana Freethinkers and an investment advisor represetative with 16 years of experience. He owns his own investment company—Polaris Financial Planning. Polaris Financial Planning LLC, is a “fee-only” registered investment advisor and does not receive money from anyone other than the paying clients. Phil Ferguson is president of Polaris, and is committed to supporting the growing secular movement in the United States. Polaris donates at least 10% of all (gross not net) revenue to support secular and skeptical causes.

Phil Ferguson is a long time skeptic/atheist and avid supporter of those movements. He is a former board member of AAI (Atheist Alliance International) and is currently on the SSA (Secular Student Alliance) Board. He is also a supporter and member of several prominent secular organizations.

Phil's company, Polaris, has sponsored these major events:

Phil Ferguson is happy to speak to community and student groups about any of the areas mentioned below. His talks also include:

  • Atheism 101: An introduction to non-belief
  • The Bible according to Legos: and some other nasty stuff
  • Homeopathy and the power of 10: An explanation of homeopathy and the power of dilution
  • Skepticism and Investing: How to use your skeptic skills to avoid getting ripped off
  • Vaccines and the rise of the anti-vax movement
  • Breaking the Cycle of Religion

Phil can be reached

Watch Phil's talk, Break the Cycle of Religion:

Topic(s): Religion, Skepticism, Social Issues & Movements

Sub-topic(s): Atheist/secular movement, Separation of church and state