Owen Flanagan

Duke University — Durham, NC

Professor Owen Flanagan received his B.A. in Philosophy from Fordham University in 1970 and his Ph. D. in Philosophy from Boston University in 1978.  He was a professor of philosophy at Wellseley College from 1984-85 and 1988-91 and is currently a professor of philosophy at Duke University.   Dr. Flanagan has focused his career on psychology, neuroscience, neurobilology, and comparative philosophy. 

He is the author of The Really Hard Problem: Meaning in a Material World, The Problem of the Soul: Two Visions of Mind and How to Reconcile Them, Dreaming Souls, Self Expressions: Mind, Morals and the Meaning of Life, Consciousness Reconsidered, Varieties of Moral Personality: Ethics and Psychological Realism, and The Science of the Mind.

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Watch part one of Owen's presentation on human flourishing, found below:

Topic(s): Philosophy, Psychology

Sub-topic(s): Ethics & morality, Meaning of life, Metaphysics, Naturalism, Philosophy of science, Evolutionary psychology