Luke Galen

Reasonable Doubts Podcast — Grand Rapids, MI

Luke Galen is currently an associate professor of psychology at Grand Valley State University. He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Wayne State University. His main area of research and teaching focuses on the psychology of religion. He is currently researching the psychology of secularity and nonreligious individuals especially in regards to prosocial behavior and organized groups. He also studies the process of religious change from fundamentalism to apostasy. He teaches classes on the psychology of religion, controversial issues in psychology, and human sexuality. He is faculty advisor to the Secular Student Alliance-GVSU group and is a member of the Reasonable Doubts podcast and radio show. His latest publication is entitled: "Does Religious Belief Promote Prosociality?: A Critical Examination" in the journal Psychological Bulletin.

Dr. Galen can be reached via email.

Watch Dr. Galen discussing religion and morality:

Below, Dr. Galen gives a talk on death and terror management theory:

Topic(s): Psychology, Religion

Sub-topic(s): Psychology of religion, Leaving religion