Vyckie Garrison

No Longer Quivering — Norfolk, NE

Vyckie Garrison was once a prominent member of the Quiverfull community, a rapidly growing Christian fundamentalist movement that bans birth control and encourages huge, "Biblical families" such as the Duggar Family of TLC's 19 and Counting fame.

Garrison edited and published a Christian "pro-life, pro-family" newspaper for 16+ years in northeast Nebraska while home-churching, home birthing, and home schooling seven children. She made waves when she left the Quiverfull movement, divorced her husband, and began speaking out against the lifestyle.

Vyckie has appeared on Al Jazeera, CNN TonightInside EditionThe Joy Behar Show, The Secret Lives of Women, The Story with Dick Gordon, as well as numerous podcasts and radio programs including Thom HartmannThe Friendly AtheistThe Thinking Atheist, Living After Faith and Godless Bitches.

Garrison is The American Atheist Association's current Atheist of the Year. 

She is a well-respected adversary of Biblical patriarchy and the damages that it can inflict. She started the blog "No Longer Quivering" to provide support to women and children who are escaping abusive religious movements and to provide the public with accurate and compassionate information on the unique challenges faced by the spiritually abused. 

Some topics she covers include:

  • Christian Polygamy and the Biblical Family
  • Birthing God's Mighty Warriors (The Christian Right's Plan to Out Populate God's Enemies)
  • Fertile Ground (How the Religious Home School Industry Markets the Quiverfull Lifestyle to Evangelical Families)
  • The Patriarch's Wife (How Submitting to My Husband's Headship Led to a Dysfunctional Marriage of Narcissism and Martyrdom)
  • How to Talk to a Fundamentalist (De-converting True Believers is Easier Than You Think)
  • Happily Abused (What Is Spiritual Abuse?)
  • Escape: How to Help Spiritually Abused Women
  • Disciplining to Death (Chastening Children the Biblical Way)

To learn more, you can check out her interview with Thom Hatmann on YouTube.  

You can also view her interview with Seth Andrews:

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