Bridget Gaudette

Foundation Beyond Belief — Orlando, FL

Bridget was born into a very devout Jehovah's Witness family. A young Earth creationist and Bible literalist, she finally rid herself of religious belief in college. She attributes this primarily to her studies in geology and biological anthropology and sex. Because of this, she was disowned and has had almost no contact with her family since.

Since attaining her masters in public administration with a focus on nonprofit management, Bridget has assisted several freethought organizations with their development and administration. Bridget currently works as the Director of Development for Foundation Beyond Belief and the Marketing & Strategies Manager for The Celestial Teapot Magazine.

Bridget has spoken about her deconversion, what it's like to be a black atheist and her transformation from sex-negative to sex-positive and how religion played a key role.

Bridget is the author of Grieving for the Living: Effects of Disownment in Adulthood and contributor to "Blacknones" by Darrell Smith. Bridget blogs about her experiences at and has a weekly series on titled "Shades of Black Atheism."  

Bridget would enjoy speaking on the following topics: 

“My Orgasm: From Sex-Negative to Sex-Positive”

“Blackwards: The Black Atheist Experience”

Diversity within the secular movement

Effects of disownment 

Jehovah's Witnesses

My deconversion story

Unusual religious beliefs

Foundation Beyond Belief and/or charitable giving

Strategic planning for nonprofits 

Bridget asks for a $100 honorarium from hosting groups (except student groups) but is very happy to negotiate on a case by case basis.

Bridget can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).